>Nowa Nowa is the Aboriginal word for ‘meeting of the waters’. It describes the salt water of Lake Tyers meeting up with the fresh water of Boggy Creek Gorge.

>Nowa Nowa was once known as a timber town with numerous operating mills. One of these was ‘Ramsdell’s Mill’ and now Jacks Ramsdell’s collection of polished tree roots and gem stones are displayed at Mingling Waters and showcases ‘RA – The Sun God’……also know as number 149 on Australia’s Biggest Things as ‘THE BIG tree ROOT’.

>Warm thermal springs have been recorded at 44 degrees along the Lake Tyers system bringing the overall temperature up a few degrees – with Nowa Nowa recording the warmest temperatures.

>Nowa Nowa also enjoys the natural phenonema called the Foehn effect resulting in higher than average temperatures in our region.

>These days Nowa Nowa is being recognised for its raw, rustic natural beauty and quirky small businesses attracting visitors from all over the globe riding The Great East Rail Trail.